Who are ProVideo Page Clients?

Our clients are typically established professionals who know that their current marketing isn't doing enough to communicate what sets them apart from their competition. They come from various industries but share common traits.


Our clients understand that a high level of trust is required before a prospect signs on with them.

quality over quantity

They rely on relationships with their customers and clients. Finding and nurturing relationships with the ideal client is critical to successful projects and engagements.


They truly care about their clients and go above and beyond to ensure their clients are delighted with their experience.


Our clients are not afraid to lose a sale if they’re not a good fit for their service.


They have built a reputation in their industry and among their peers and have a steady flow of referrals.


They look for the better way to do things. They have responsibility for the bottom line of their business and are constantly evaluating opportunities, whether they own the business or not.


They are willing to roll up their sleeves to get what they want.

appreciate the value of a skill

They're smart and know their craft or profession, but they also know when it's time to call in experts who can add value.

Do You Share the Same Clients We Do?

We love to work with great professionals and would guess that you do too! In developing ProVideo Pages we've realized that it's less about the industry and more about the person. Above all, we are looking for people who are willing to take action to improve their bottom line. If this matches who you work with, we'd love to have a conversation about bringing value to your clients through our Pages and income to you through our Affiliate Program. 

Our Approach

We believe that to do ProVideo Pages right, we have to put our feet in the shoes of the prospective customer. That means that while the ProVideo Page is about you and your business, it’s really about your customer. What do they need to know so they can trust you and have confidence that you can meet their needs?

That’s why we take the time to strategize. We work with you to get the information needed to learn about you (your character and competence), your business, your service, your clients and what they appreciate about working with you. Only then can we design a compelling ProVideo Page that sets you apart from your competition and gets people to take action.

  • Customer perspective
  • Strategy first
  • Differentiation
  • Conversion-focused

ProVideo Page Use Cases

ProVideo Pages can be used for many types of situations in various industries.


When someone knows who you are and is starting to consider you to solve their problem, there's opportunity. You can present them with curated video and text content that builds trust and confidence in you as their solution.

No Website

Sales people can fall into this category. They may be an employee or an independent rep and the company website doesn’t do anything to build trust in their sales rep. Could also be a consultant who hasn’t had the need for a website.

Simple Brochure Website

Many solopreneurs and small businesses have websites that give the basics about their service, who they are and how to connect.

Outdated Website

For those who have an old, outdated website, we feel your pain. Inside you know that it’s time to create a new one, but it’s a big project. Rather than send people to a site that’s embarrassing, a ProVideo Page could be your best option.

Robust Website

This type of website ticks all the boxes and has a ton of information. But that’s the problem, there’s too much for a prospect to digest at one time.

Need to Stand Out

In those situations that everyone looks the same and people can’t tell who will meet their needs most effectively, a ProVideo Page has content focused on highlighting why someone should choose you.

Complex Service

You know what the process is, but your new clients don’t. You may offer a service that requires educating the new client so they know what to expect and can make the most of working with you.

Attracting Great Employees

Imagine that you’ve had a solid first interview with a candidate and want to make sure that they consider your company seriously. A ProVideo Page can be designed to spotlight the great things you offer and what a super place it is to work.

And Many More...

ProVideo Pages might work for any situation when you want to guide someone through specific information. Perhaps you're a candidate for a job and want to stand out to get that first interview. See where we're going with this? We're just getting started.