Quickly Build Trust With Prospective Clients

A ProVideo Page can shorten your sales cycle and attract more of your ideal clients.

People Buy from People They Know, Like and Trust

Click above to learn how a ProVideo Page is a unique and powerful solution to build trust with prospects for relationship-based services.

What can a ProVideo Page do for you?

Sample of ProVideo Page

Build trust

Authentic videos and other page content are designed to build trust with prospects.

Instill confidence

Your prospects come to you with problems and you have solutions. A ProVideo Page demonstrates your ability to solve their problems.

Drive conversions

Get a prospect to take that next step toward working with you.

Become more referable

Make it easy for someone to refer you with content that resonates with your ideal prospects.

What is a ProVideo Page?

A ProVideo Page can play a key role in nurturing prospects with right content at the right time.

Video-based landing page where you do the talking

We work together to create authentic videos covering topics that matter to your ideal clients.

With additional media

We use copy, FAQs, testimonials, and photos chosen to support your messaging, all customized to attract your ideal client.

A strategic marketing play

We get to know you and your clients, your goals and your challenges before we design your Page. 

Designed to get your prospects to take action

The goal is to present compelling content that drives conversion, that is, whatever that next step is to working with you.

ProVideo Page Use Cases

ProVideo Pages can be used for all types of situations.


When someone knows who you are and is starting to consider you to solve their problem, there's opportunity. You can present them with curated video and text content that builds trust and confidence in you as their solution.

No Website

Sales people can fall into this category. They may be an employee or an independent rep and the company website doesn’t do anything to build trust in their sales rep. Could also be a consultant who hasn’t had the need for a website.

Simple Brochure Website

Many solopreneurs and small businesses have websites that give the basics about their service, who they are and how to connect.

Outdated Website

For those who have an old, outdated website, we feel your pain. Inside you know that it’s time to create a new one, but it’s a big project. Rather than send people to a site that’s embarrassing, a ProVideo Page could be your best option.

Robust Website

This type of website ticks all the boxes and has a ton of information. But that’s the problem, there’s too much for a prospect to digest at one time.

Need to Stand Out

In those situations that everyone looks the same and people can’t tell who will meet their needs most effectively, a ProVideo Page has content focused on highlighting why someone should choose you.

Complex Service

You know what the process is, but your new clients don’t. You may offer a service that requires educating the new client so they know what to expect and can make the most of working with you.

Attracting Great Employees

Imagine that you’ve had a solid first interview with a candidate and want to make sure that they consider your company seriously. A ProVideo Page can be designed to spotlight the great things you offer and what a super place it is to work.

And Many More...

ProVideo Pages might work for any situation when you want to guide someone through specific information. Perhaps you're a candidate for a job and want to stand out to get that first interview. See where we're going with this? We're just getting started.

Check out a live ProVideo Page

Leo is using his ProVideo Page with prospects after they've been qualified over the phone and before the first in-person meeting. This gives the prospect the chance to learn more about Leo, his company and what to expect during a remodeling project. He reports that his serious prospects are watching every video as part of their due diligence before they meet in person!


How does your pricing work?

We charge $2,500 for our Primary package with a $29/mo. maintenance fee. This single ProVideo Page includes two strategy planning sessions, remotely shooting and editing six videos, as well as FAQs and testimonials provided by you. After the Page is live, you get two additional meetings during the first year, as well as Page edits.

Our Professional package includes an additional ProVideo Page. Cost for this package is $4,000 plus $49/mo.. maintenance fee.

Contact us about our Custom package to meet your needs for three or more ProVideo Pages.

Does a ProVideo Page replace my website?

The short answer is “no”, but it really depends on the state of your website and other factors. When we develop your Action Plan, we’ll talk about the role of your current website in the customer journey. If you don't have a website, a ProVideo Page is a great option. We recently finished a Page for a client whose website was outdated and not loading properly. We mapped his domain to his ProVideo Page, and he's able to proudly send people to his website URL once again.

How does recording work if we're not local?

We record online using a tool called Riverside FM. It allows us to record studio quality audio and video regardless of internet speeds by saving locally and concurrently uploading while we're recording.

Do I need special equipment?

Not necessarily. It all depends on your setup. It's advisable to have an external USB microphone that plugs into your computer, a newer camera that yields crisp clear images, and a way to have the camera at the right height so that you're looking squarely into the camera. Your background is also critical, and we cover that along with other tips to ensure that we get authentic videos that look and sound great.

Can I make a second or third ProVideo Page?

Of course! ProVideo Pages can be narrowly focused to nurture a group of leads with information to get them to take a specific action. You can have different versions depending on who the target is, what you need to share and what action you want them to take. 

communicate what sets you apart.

Close more ideal clients.